Rozsterki miłosne | Grand Theatre

I am in the course of preparing the play “Rozterki miłosne” for the Grand Theatre (previously known as the Public Theatre) in relation to the 250th anniversary of its foundation. Thanks to this unique opportunity, me and Zuzanna Falkowska composed fully original music for choir and orchestra for the first Polish opera libretto – “Krakowiacy i Górale” by Wojciech Bogusławski. Magłosia Zajączkowska, who is the director of the play reviewed the text and condensed it to one act.
Today we have printed the final music score!
The project is realised by the Grand Theatre’s educational section – the age of each 250 artists taking part in the project – actors, musicians and choir members is no greater than 26 years old. We are in the course of rehearsals and already we are seeing the artists bursting with creativity, engagement and freshness.
The show premieres in November 2015 on the chamber stage of the Grand Theatre.
krkaowiacy i górale