Jarek Wist – Jest zapisane

Jarek Wist is a lover of Italy and everything Italian – including mainly flavors and colors, colors of music. No wonder that his latest album is a testimony to such inspirations. Preserved in the sonorous Italian aesthetics, it will conquer and warm the hearts of all listeners. It’s written takes us to the romantic retro atmosphere of the 50s and 60s. Jarek’s vocals are accompanied by melodies built on the basis of a rhythm section, consisting of live instruments, creating both unique atmospheric ballads and dynamic songs that make it impossible to stand still, which the best proof is the single No matter what you say. This exuberant piece simply captivates with its energetic tango rhythm. The dynamic sound of the drums combined with an aggressive accordion prelude and provocative text builds a sensual image, encouraging to dance. Arrangement of the string parts (Fair Play Quartet) – Jan Stokłosa.

The album Jest Saved was created in cooperation with the most recognized Polish musicians, including Robert Amirian – a music producer responsible for albums by such artists as Kari Amirian or Fismoll. The album was released on the Polish market on February 6, warming up the ongoing carnival. Already the first weeks of sales heralded a certain success, which is ensured by the well-playing singles: No matter what you say and It’s written.