Jerz Igor – Zimą

The debut “Little Album” of the Jerz Igor duo contained lullabies and songs about dreams, addressed to the youngest listeners and their parents. Their next album “Jerz Igor Zimą” will tell us, among other things, what adventures can happen to a bear in the middle of winter, what the snow does, what fish dream about under the ice and why foxes walk much quieter in winter. The CD contains 10 songs, from which the listener will be able to come up with a melody for one of them.

The authors of the texts are Natalia Fiedorczuk, Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, Antonina Stasiuk and Grzegorz Uzdański. Jerzy and Igor were accompanied by a ten-person Orchestra, recorded under the watchful eye of Michał Kupicz. The CD is accompanied by a multi-page booklet by the Agata Dudek/Małgorzata Nowak duo, created as an open form that the young listener can add to his/her own preferences.

1. Co robił śnieg 4:04
2 Sanki 2:34
3. Wypieki 2:33
4. Ryby 3:39
5. Dzień 3:25
6. Mróz 3:01
7. Lisy 3:53
8. Niedźwiedź 3:45
9. Gałęzie 4:21
10. Zima się kończy 3:24



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