Kari Amirian – Daddy says I’m special

“Daddy Says I’m Special” is Kari Amirian’s debut album, breaking the barriers of indie pop and alternative music, which heralded a new quality on the Polish independent scene. Kari is a multi-talented composer, vocalist and producer, known e.g. in collaboration with Royksopp. Together with her band of young multi-instrumentalists, she created a new, original sound, quality and energy.

In the music of Kari Amirian we find similar resolution and fantasy, but also, and perhaps above all, excellent compositions, unconventional ideas and the courage to go your own way. A unique debut.” Piotr Lewandowski The following people took part in the project: Robert Amirian – acoustic guitar, songwriter; Krzysztof Łochowicz – guitarist; Jan Stokłosa – cello; Wojtek Traczyk – bass guitar, double bass; Kuba Szydło – drums. The premiere of the debut album took place on December 5, 2011.

1. My Favorite Part
2. New
3. Fight back
4. Stronghold
5. The Winter Is Back
6. Jump Into My Heart And Stay
7. Saving Grace
8. Let’s Go Chasing Butterflies
9. Dreamer
10. Paint the Sky
11. A Little B
12. A Poem