Jerz Igor – Mała płyta

Jerz Igor is a two-person character singing and playing many instruments. It was created by Igor Nikiforow and Jerzy Rogiewicz – a musical duo known from countless bands. In order not to bore you, we will only mention those starting with the letter P: Professionalism, Paula and Karol, Pink Freud, Polonaises and the Warsaw Entertainment Orchestra.

Noticing the lack of interesting musical proposals for the youngest, the creators of Jerzy Igor decided to take matters into their own hands and created Mała Płyta. They composed 12 songs, recorded most of the instrumental and vocal parts, assembled Jerzy Igor’s Little Orchestra, inviting outstanding musicians to participate in the recordings.

1. Księżyce 03:14
2. Sen 03:41
3. Krowa 06:19
4. Sowy 03:40
5. Dom 02:57
6. Woda 04:13
7. Tęcza 02:42
8. Aaaaa 01:40
9. Pies 03:10
10. Cisza 02:51
11. Królewicz 03:47
12. Północ 05:17



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