Marika - Marta Kosakowska

Marika – Marta Kosakowska

“Marta Kosakowska” is in many respects a groundbreaking longplay. The singer has prepared a very mature, reflective and lyrical album. Already the first two single tracks – “Tabletki” with a guest appearance by Xxannaxxu and “And if it’s me” with Gooral – promise innovative, original and carefully refined material.

Listeners will be surprised by both the evolution of Marika’s style as well as the unusual, sophisticated and modern sound of the album. Arrangement of the string parts – Jan Stokłosa.

1. A jeśli to ja / feat. Gooral
2. 1000 lamp
3. Jak rozmawiać / feat. Skubas
4. Idę
5. Drugi dzień
6. Łodyżka
7. Niebieski ptak / feat. Grubson
8. Pakt
9. Trees / feat. Buslav
10. Tabletki / feat. Xxanaxx
11. A jeśli to ja BRK Remix
12. Tabletki BRK Remix


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