Puss in Boots


Puss in Boots is a fairy tale to which I had the great pleasure to instrument the beautiful music of Piotr Nazaruk. We are currently in the rehearsal phase, but I can already see that it will be beautiful. The premiere took place on December 4, 2016.

“Puss in Boots” is a performance based on an excellent text by Hanna Januszewska. This is a familiar fairy tale, but told a little differently. In this text you can find historical threads and literary references to A. Fredro’s “Revenge”. This story is written in verse and there are plenty of opportunities to sing. A large part of the performance consists of sung parts, and the music is undoubtedly an asset that adds even more color to this stylized language. The music is provided by the recognized duo – Piotr Nazaruk and Jan Stokłosa (cooperating with artists such as Anna Maria Jopek, Dorota Miśkiewicz, Kuba Badach, Natalia Przybysz and many other contemporary vocalists, as well as the TGD choir). Stage movement is another advantage of the contemporary form of this production, because Maciej Florek, known as “Gleba” (winner and juror of the “You can dance” program) is responsible for the choreography – an excellent dancer and choreographer. The stage design of the spectacle was created by Jan Polivka, and his Czech sense of space will enable the actors to use the means available to the actor and puppet theater.


The acting team is mostly graduates of the Theater Academy (Faculty of Puppetry Art), who perfectly use the means of theater of form. Changing the costume will allow you to play many roles, and many scenes will be played in masks (in one of the scenes we will also see dolls). The wizard character known from the fairy tale will also delight here with a few tricks, so that when, as a result of the titular cat’s cunning, he turns into a mouse, we will miss his presence. The participation of musicians who “live” will accompany the actions of the actors creates great conditions for the reception of a colorful, dynamic and fairy-tale plot, the main plot of which is the love story of a nobleman’s court daughter – Zosia and a poor cat owner orphaned by a miller – Jaś. Bombasta, a sorcerer, stands in the way of the lovers and proposes to marry her. Everything ends as in a traditional fairy tale – a wedding. But let’s not reveal everything. There are a few other threads that serve the story well. Is this show worth seeing? Of course, it’s worth it, because children, teenagers and adults will find in this production such a level of reception that will turn the time spent at the opera into a real adventure of meeting a fairy tale, music, dance and great performers.

director – Bernard Bielenia