Composer, arranger, conductor, multi-instrumentalist, music producer


The alumnus of the UMFC in Warsaw. Laureate of both solo and chamber music contests, including 3rd prize at the Annual Cello and Double Bass Auditions for the Polish 2nd stage music students in Łódź (2004), and 2nd prize on the 13th International Contest of the Contemporary Chamber Music in Cracow (2009) as the musician of ‘Loco Trio’. Jan Stokłosa has been repeatedly taking part in the International Music Classes in Łańcut, as well as Summer String Academia in Goch (Germany).


Stokłosa was twice the concertmaster of cellos in Internationale Junge Orchestrerakademie in Bayreuth (2007, 2008), with which he was touring in Germany. He was developing his musical skills under the supervision of Hartmut Brauer, the solo cellist of Gewandhausorchester Leipizig. In May, 2008, Stokłosa toured in China as a member of Chopin Academia Orchestra. In June 2008, he was the cello concertmaster of the ‘Lutosławski Youth Orchestra’ during ‘Chain Festival V’ – Witold Lutosławski festival. In 2008-2012 he was the cellist and since 2011 the deputy of the concertmaster of the Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus. Currently the musician of The Grand Theatre Orchestra in Warsaw.


Actively engaged as a soloist and chamber musician. In June 2011, Stokłosa, together with Agnieszka Guz (violin) and Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus performed ‘The Double Concerto’ by Johannes Brahms in the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio S1 in Warsaw.

Stokłosa is a cellist and manager of the string quartet ‘Fair Play Quartet’, which performs pop music rearranged for a string quartet. The band has been touring worldwide (including China, Qatar, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania).


He took part in both Polish and international music festivals, including ‘Orange Warsaw Festival’, ‘Heineken Open’er Festival’, ‘Męskie Granie’, ‘Com’in’, ‘SIC’, ‘Opole’, ‘Ad Libitum’, ‘IJOA’, ‘SlotArt’, ‘FMF’, as well as ‘Eastern Europe Festival of Music and the Arts’ in Qatar.


Jan Stokłosa is an acclaimed session musician. He has been recording and performing with many artists, such as Kari Amirian, Mela Koteluk, Fismoll, Ania Szarmach, Tomek Filpczak, Grażyna Auguścik, Jerz Igor, Skubas, Janusz Radek, Igor Przebindowski, Sinfonia Varsovia, Robert Janowski, Rampa Theatre, Jarek Wist and many more. He also collaborates with Polish National Television, Studio Buffo Theatre, Sound Tropez Studio, Rampa Theatre and The Grand Theatre.


He composes and arranges music constantly. Stokłosa’s output includes several dozen of the compositions arranged for a string quartet, including the compositions by Derwid (Lutosławski), Kurylewicz, Chopin, Polish songs from the interwar years, as well as contemporary compositions by Adele, Sting, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, just to mention the few. Stokłosa arranged the string sections on Halina Mlynkowa’s album, ‘Etnoteka’ as well as Jarek Wist’s LP (‘It is written’). He collaborated also with DJ group ‘Catz n’ Dogz’ and TGD choir. He often composes for the children – the soundtrack for the play ‘Pożarcie królewny Bluetki’, and the music for the concert ‘Święta w prezencie’ is partly composed by Stokłosa. In 2013, he conducted workshops for teenagers entitled ‘Lato w mieście, Lato w Wielkim’, which concluded with the play ‘IMPRESJE’, based on the songs composed by Jan Stokłosa and Zuzanna Falkowska for the poetry book ‘Zoo’ by Jan Brzechwa. The play was put on one of the stages of The Grand Theatre in Warsaw. In September, 2013 he took part in FMF Master Classes for Young Composers as part of the Film Music Festival in Cracow. In December, 2013, the album of Fair Play Quartet, ‘Carols’ was released, with Christmas carols arranged and produced by Jan Stokłosa.

The output of the composer also includes classical pieces, including ‘Moods’ for string quartet, ‘Three little pieces’ for French horn quartet, ‘The Prayer’ for violin quartet and ‘Romans’ for piano.